CJ's Eatery - Seattle's Original Comfort Food
CJ's Eatery - Seattle's Original Comfort Food

Bring your appetite!

Please view our menu for Breakfast, Mimosas, Lunch, Sides and Beverages!  All dishes are available for take out, you can place your order by calling (206) 728-1648.





Served All Day - Everyday!


Omelets, frittatas, scrambles & two egg breakfasts served with choice of hash browns, red potatoes, fresh tomatoes or cottage cheese. Substitute fruit for 2.00. Choice of honey wheat, marble rye, sourdough, rustic white, English muffin or bagel. Egg whites add 1.00.  Please, only one substitution per omelet, frittata or scramble.



MAGNOLIA - Wild Alaskan shrimp, scallions, parmesan & topped with hollandaise


SICILIAN - Uli's Italian sausage & mozzarella

QUEEN ANNE - Chicken, broccoli, tomato &  havarti

SUNLITE - Mushroom, onion, red pepper, spinach & sour cream


BOURBON STREET - Uli's andouille sausage, onion, red pepper & pepperjack

MOO COW - Choice of cheddar, havarti, swiss, pepperjack or mozzarella

NEW YORKER - Ham, havarti & dill

DENVER - Diced ham, green pepper, onion & cheddar

FARMER'S - Bacon, diced potatoes, onion, basil & mozzarella

SPANISH - Ham, pepperjack & salsa

YUPPIE - Uli's chicken-apple sausage, onion, green pepper & mozzarella


BELLTOWN - Sausage, scallions, mushroom  & cheddar


HOMBRE - Spiced ground beef, onion, cheddar, topped with salsa & sour cream


DAN'S - Spinach, tomato & havarti


ALAMO - Homemade beef chili, scallions, cheddar & topped with sour cream




HOT MANHATTAN - Uli's Italian sausage & onion, topped with salsa, pepperjack &  cheddar   


CHELSEA - Diced ham, mushroom, black olive, topped with tomatoes & swiss


GREENWICH VILLAGE - Spinach, mushroom, onion, garlic & swiss          


FRONT STREET - Uli's Andouille sausage, chicken, red pepper, scallions & havarti









FIRST & CEDAR - Uli's chicken-apple sausage, mushrooms & mozzarella


MEAT LOVERS - Bacon, sausage, ham and four cheeses


JOE'S SCRAMBLE - Spiced ground beef, spinach, onion, garlic & parmesan 



-  Served any style*
- with three bacon or sausage (links) 
- with half-pound ground chuck patty*     
- with Uli's Italian, andouille or chicken apple sausage 
- with 6 ounce ham steak
- with three veggie sausage (patties)




BISCUITS & GRAVY - CJ's country gravy made with sausage & bacon over a buttermilk biscuit. Served with two eggs* & choice of potatoes        


CORNED BEEF HASH & EGGS* - Shredded Market House corned beef & potato mixed with onion, red & green peppers & spices.  Served with choice of potatoes & toast


TOFU VEGGIE SAUTÉ - Tofu sautéed with spinach, tomato, onion, red & green peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, garlic, soy sauce & sesame oil.  Served with potatoes & toast


BAGEL, LOX & CREAM CHEESE - Toasted bagel topped with cold smoked salmon, tomatoes, Bermuda onion & lemon on the side (capers, too, if you ask nicely)


LATKES - Shredded potatoes mixed with matzo meal, onion, garlic, parsley & egg. Served with sour cream & apple sauce


CHICKEN FRIED STEAK & EGGS* - Topped with country gravy, served with potatoes & toast


BENEDICTS* - with  house made hollandaise

THE CLASSIC - An english muffin topped with shaved ham, two poached eggs & scallions


VEGETARIAN - The classic, substitute avocado, sautéed spinach or tomatoes for the ham


NORTHWEST - An english muffin topped with Lox, two poached eggs & smoked paprika


SKILLETS* - served on herbed red potatoes


ALL AMERICAN - Topped with ham, sautéed onions,  mushrooms, peppers, 4 cheeses & two eggs


COUNTRY - Topped with sausage, sautéed onions & mushrooms, country gravy & two eggs


GREEK - Topped with sautéed spinach, onions, tomatoes, basil, feta & two eggs



FOUR STACKER - Four of our famous Swedish style pancakes
- add blueberries, cinnamon sugar baked apple slices or pecans -


PANCAKE COMBO* - Two Swedish style pancakes with two eggs on top




THREE SLICES of challah bread dipped in cinnamon maple batter & topped with powdered sugar




FRENCH TOAST COMBO* - Two slices with two eggs & fresh fruit
- No substitutions please -




BREAKFAST SANDWICH  - Toasted english muffin with one egg over hard, cheddar & bacon or ham


FRUIT PLATE - Seasonal fresh fruit with  Greek honey yogurt or cottage cheese


OATMEAL - A healthy sized bowl served with raisins, brown sugar & milk
substitute soy milk, add bananas or blueberries (previously frozen)


CONTINENTAL - Seasonal fresh fruit, small juice, coffee & choice of toast, english muffin or bagel


GRANOLA PARFAIT - Greek honey yogurt, non-fat granola & fresh fruit



MON THRU FRI  7:00-9:00 AM  ~  NO HOLIDAYS!            
    #1 Two eggs*, choice of potatoes & toast                 
    #2 Two Swedish-style pancakes & two strips of bacon or sausage links             
    #3 Half order of French toast & fresh fruit          


*Consuming raw or undercooked eggs or meat may increase your risk of foodborne illness.       




CLASSIC - Champagne & fresh squeezed OJ 


ROSE - Champagne & organic strawberry lemonade           


POINSETTIA - Champagne & cranberry juice 


DAHLIA - Champagne & fresh squeezed grapefruit


HIBISCUS - Champagne, fresh squeezed OJ, with a splash of cranberry juice 


TIGER LILY - Champagne, fresh squeezed OJ, with a splash of organic strawberry lemonade


BELLINI - Champagne & peach puree



Served starting at 11:00 AM weekdays, NOON on weekends




HOMEMADE CHILI - With diced onions and four cheeses - bowl or cup  


CHICKEN NOODLE - bowl or cup    


SOUP OF THE DAY - bowl or cup




CHARBROILED CHICKEN SALAD - Marinated chicken breast on a bed of mixed greens & romaine with red pepper, mushroom, tomatoes, cucumber, Bermuda onions, scallions & sesame ginger dressing


CRISPY CHICKEN SALAD - Chicken breast, tomato, mushroom, cucumber, scallions & parmesan  / whole or half size


CHICKEN SALAD ALEXANDRIA - Diced chicken breast, onion, celery, almonds & grapes in a semi-sweet mayo-sour cream sauce on a bed of greens with tomato,

cucumber, mushroom, egg & avocado / whole or half size


COBB SALAD - Diced garlic olive oil roasted chicken, blue cheese crumbles, black olives, tomatoes, mushrooms & cucumber tossed with blue cheese & topped with egg & avocado  / whole or half size


CAESAR SALAD - Romaine tossed with homemade Caesar dressing, croutons & parmesan  / whole or half size

add buffalo chicken or wild Alaskan shrimp      


BEEF TACO SALAD - Romaine lettuce, spiced ground beef, four cheeses, tomato & black olives  on a bed of tortilla chips, topped with salsa and sour cream  / whole or half size


GREEK SALAD - Feta, black olives, mushroom, tomato & pepperoncini tossed in lemon-basil dressing & topped with Bermuda onion  / whole or half size    


DINNER SALAD - Lettuce, tomato, cucumber & pepperoncini

Make it a meal, add a bowl of soup!

Dressings - Bleu cheese, ranch, honey mustard, lemon basil*, sesame ginger*, Caesar*, sweet balsamic vinaigrette & 1000 Island   * Contains uncooked egg yolks  



CHICKEN STRIPS & CHIPS - Served with coleslaw & choice of BBQ, ranch or honey mustard sauce


FISH & CHIPS - Freshly beer battered true cod fried golden brown served with cole slaw


BACON MAC & CHEESE - Made with four cheeses & served with garlic bread





Sandwiches made with choice of whole wheat, sourdough, marble rye or rustic white bread (unless otherwise specified) and served with choice of fries, cole slaw, cup of soup or side salad. 


MEDITERRANEAN MELT - Garlic roasted chicken, mozzarella, pepperoncini, marinated Bermuda onion, tomatoes, hard Italian salami & pesto aioli on a freshly baked baguette


GRILLED MEATLOAF - Homemade meatloaf grilled on rustic white with mozzarella, sliced Bermuda onions, & chipotle-cilantro aioli  / whole or half


CHICKEN SALAD ALEXANDRIA - Diced roasted chicken, onion, celery, almonds & grapes in a semi-sweet sour cream dressing with lettuce, tomato & mayo on toasted sourdough  / whole or half


BURGERS  &  MORE        
Our burgers* are half-pound, ground chuck patties served on an artisan burger bun with lettuce, tomatoes, Bermuda onions, pickle & mayo or chipotle-cilantro aioli and choice of fries, cole slaw, cup of soup or side salad,  unless otherwise specified.  Add bacon, cheese,mushrooms or avocado for extra charge


CLASSIC BURGER - Charbroiled to order with choice of chipotle-cilantro aioli or mayo 


CHEESE BURGER - Classic with cheese 


BACON & CHEESE BURGER - Even better! 


CHILI BURGER - Served open faced topped with four cheeses & diced onions


FRENCH BURGER - Bacon, bleu cheese & tomatoes on a baguette 


PATTY MELT - with sautéed onions & Swiss, on grilled marble rye


CHICKEN BREAST BURGER - Choice of homemade pesto-aioli or mayo


BUFFALO CHICKEN BURGER - Chicken tenders tossed in Red Hot sauce, choice of bleu cheese or ranch dressing


WILD ALASKAN HALIBUT BURGER - with choice of tartar or mayo


GARDEN BURGER - with choice of pesto-aioli, chipotle-cilantro aioli or mayo




FRENCH DIP - Roast beef piled on a pallone sub topped with mozzarella


REUBEN - Market House corned beef with Swiss &  sauerkraut grilled on marble rye with 1000 island  dressing on the side / whole or half


ROAST BEEF, PEPPERJACK & TOMATO - Grilled on sourdough / whole or half


HAM & CHEDDAR - Grilled on sourdough / whole or half


GRILLED CHEESE & TOMATO  / whole or half


TUNA MELT - with cheddar   / whole or half




TURKEY CLUB - Triple decker with turkey, bacon,  cheddar, lettuce, tomato & mayo


NY CLUB - The turkey club plus ham


VEGETARIAN - Avocado, cucumber, tomato, Bermuda onion, lettuce & cream cheese


THE CLASSIC BLT - Bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo / whole or half


BLT & TURKEY - Same as the classic, but we've added turkey / whole or half


HOT CORNED BEEF - Market House corned beef on marble rye, lettuce & tomato on the side / whole or half


TURKEY, TUNA OR HAM  with lettuce, tomatoes & mayo / whole or half


*Consuming raw or undercooked eggs or meat may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


Corned Beef Hash 
Uli's Italian Sausage 
Uli's Chicken-Apple Sausage
Uli's Andouille Sausage 
Link Sausage 
Vegetarian Sausage (3) 
Ham Steak   
Hash Browns 
Red Potatoes 
One Egg* 
English Muffin 
Bagel, plain or onion  
Cinnamon Roll   
Seasonal Fruit   
Blueberries (frozen)   
Sliced Tomatoes   
Mike's House-made Salsa   
Sour Cream  
Cream Cheese  
Cottage Cheese  
French Fries 


Proudly serving Café Appassionato coffee 
Cup o' Joe, regular or decaf  
Latte or Cappuccino 
  Single tall  
  Double tall  
       add chocolate (mocha), vanilla, almond, hazelnut, caramel, Irish cream flavor

       Soy milk
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea  
Flavored Teas 
Chai Latté  
Soy Milk   
Chocolate Milk  
Steamed Hot Chocolate 
OJ or Grapefruit, fresh squeezed large 
Martinelli's Apple Juice  
V-8 or Tomato Juice 
Cranberry Juice 
Fresh Lemonade  
Fresh Strawberry Lemonade 
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange  (free refills) 
BEER & WINE - ask about our current selections! 
RED BEER - add tomato juice and 2.50 to your favorite brew


BRASS MONKEY - add fresh squeezed OJ

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